Warriors vs Raptors

Warriors vs Raptors Final LIVE WATCH CLICK HERE

Warriors vs Raptors Final LIVE WATCH CLICK HERE

Warriors vs Raptors Final LIVE WATCH CLICK HERE

For a fifth straight postseason, the Golden State Warriors are back in The Finals, looking for a third straight championship. And now at the Western Conference with LeBron James, the champs have a new opponent of the Eastern Conference in front of them.

For the first time in franchise history, the Toronto Raptors are in The Finals, having escaped several adverse situations along the way. They were a possession or two away in the conference semifinals from trailing Philadelphia 3-1, a possession or two away from losing Game 7 in that round, and a possession or two away from trailing Milwaukee 3-0 in the conference final.

They’re here saying a lot about the resilience of the Raptors. It also says a lot about their defense, which for much of their playoff run has played at the elite level. The Warriors are the best offensive team we’ve ever seen, of course.

The other end of the floor features the efficient scoring by Kawhi Leonard against a defense from the Golden State that has improved from round to round. And even with Kevin Durant out for the first game at least, the Warriors have some elite defenders with whom to defend the star of the Raptors.

Is this the last run of the Warriors ‘ dynasty? Is this the last time we’re going to see Leonard in a Raptors uniform? These questions won’t be answered in the next two weeks, but as Leonard said all the postseason, we can just enjoy that moment for now.



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